Help Honor Texas Fallen Firefighters!

With your generous donation of any amount, the State Firemen's and Fire Marshals' Association of Texas can start our memorial expansion and add the names of fallen volunteer firefighters to a memorial on the majestic grounds of the State Capitol in Austin, Texas. Please consider making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation today.

The memorial honoring Texas Fallen Volunteer Firefighters has no more room left on it to add the names of those firefighters who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The expansion is expected to cost over $240,000 worth of construction and granite costs. The design has already been approved by the Texas Preservation Board and we have to raise the funds in order to get this project started so that we can properly honor those firefighters who have given the ultimate sacrifice. The SFFMA Fire Programs Institute is a 501(c3) organization. Tax ID 74-1884530

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Contributions can be sent directly to:

SFFMA Fire Programs Institute - Capitol Memorial Fund
PO Box 1709
Manchaca, TX 78652

Please see our video for further information or contact us at

Thank You To Current Donors!!

Donations over $1000: Abernathy FD; Alvin VFD; Ann Stulce - In Memory of Bob Stulce; Bacliff FD; Baird VFD; Bastrop County Firefighters Association; Brazoria County FF Association; Brazos County Pct# 4 VFD; Brenham FD; Caldwell County Fire Chiefs Association; Chris Barron; Christine Rogalski; David Wade; Decatur FD; Edwin "Rusty" Kattner & Nita Kattner; Emily Barron; Ernest O. Reesing; Fort Stockton VFD; Galveston County Fire Fighters Association; Gilmer VFD; Henderson County Fire Chief ’s Association; IIAT/Trusted Choice Foundation; Jeannie Green; Kyle & Debbie Stephens; Ladies Auxiliary-Brenham FD; Leander FD; Liz Cargile - SAFE-D; Manchaca VFD; Mike & Debbie Richardson - In Memory of Chief Ted Richardson; Mike Rogers; Northeast Texas Firemen’s Association; Pasadena FD; Red River District - 10; Rio Grande Valley Firefighter’s and Fire Marshals’ Association; Santa Fe Fire/Rescue; Sinton VFD; Stephen Donnelly; Tatum VFD; Texas A&M Forest Service; Texas Firemen's Auxiliary; The Foundation for Dreamers; Thorndale VFD, Inc.; VFIS of Texas- Regnier & Associates; West Carlisle VFD; West I-10 VFD

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